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  • "Zero Potential" by Mike Pihlman

    "Zero Potential" by Mike Pihlman

    It turns out I have several of these “technology / get your boss” stories floating around my yet unexploded brain.  Here is another one for your reading “enjoyment”. Genre:  Horror Lesson:  In electronics the point that is connected to ground is at zero potential. Pete was called into his boss’s office one day.  He was […]

  • "The Breaking Point" by Mike Pihlman

    "The Breaking Point" by Mike Pihlman

    Genre:  Horror After years of hard work, Carl’s new life goal became crystal clear. It all started with a visit to his boss’s office to pick up his raise package.  Receiving a great written review, Carl expected a good raise.  With a wife, 4 kids, a balloon mortgage, and dog, Carl needed the extra cash more now than […]