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“The President’s Shadow” by Brad Meltzer

Genre: Thriller The Culper Ring was started by George Washington.  It’s main purpose is to protect the Presidency (not the President, but, the Presidency). The members of the Culper Ring are getting mighty old, so their current leader, Tot, has recruited National Archives, in Washington DC, Archivist Beecher White to take control and rebuild the

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“The Escape Artist” by Brad Meltzer

Genre: Thriller “Just because you’re not dead doesn’t mean you are alive” A small military aircraft crashes in Alaska.  Among the passengers are the Librarian of Congress, three of his assistants, and Nola Brown, the Army’s Artist-in-Residence. Nola had jumped from the plane before it hit the ground and was thus the first to be

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“The Book of Lies” by Brad Meltzer

Genre: Thriller (Tell Your Stories) — Buy it! — The worlds first murder occurred when Cain killed his brother Abel. The murder weapon was never found, but, some theorize that that weapon was a book: “The Book of Lies”. In 1932, Mitchell Siegel was murdered by an unknown gunman in a robbery in Cleveland. His

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