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  • “Cleopatra’s Dagger” by Carole Lawrence

    “Cleopatra’s Dagger” by Carole Lawrence

    Genre: Mystery / Thriller 1880, New York City A murderer lurks in New York City. He loves everything ancient Egyptian and…is planning to kill. Unfortunately, his plans are now becoming a reality, and…… Elizabeth van den Broek has become an unknowing witness. Elizabeth is a reporter at the Herald in New York City. The daughter […]

  • Book Review: “Edinburgh Midnight” by Carole Lawrence

    Book Review: “Edinburgh Midnight” by Carole Lawrence

    Genre: Thriller / Mystery “Edinburgh Midnight” is an ARC due in stores June 9, 2020. It was sent to my by the author and is the third book in the Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton series. Edinburgh, Scotland 1880 In “Edinburgh Midnight”, Ian is tackling several investigations. First is a possible robbery at a jewelry store […]

  • “Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

    “Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

    “Edinburgh Dusk” is a fantastic read with shocking twists and turns, criminology, and history all woven into a narrative that is nearly impossible to put down.

  • “Edinburgh Twilight” by Carole Lawrence

    “Edinburgh Twilight” by Carole Lawrence

    Genre: Mystery February 1881, Edinburgh, Scotland Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton is, at 27, the youngest person in the Edinburgh City Police to gain the rank of “Detective Inspector”. At the moment, he is investigating a possible suicide in Holyrood Park. Apparently, Stephen Wycherly, climbed up to the top of Arthur’s Seat and jumped off a […]