Book Review: “Edinburgh Midnight” by Carole Lawrence

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

“Edinburgh Midnight” is an ARC due in stores June 9, 2020. It was sent to my by the author and is the third book in the Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton series.

Edinburgh, Scotland 1880

In “Edinburgh Midnight”, Ian is tackling several investigations.

First is a possible robbery at a jewelry store in a few days. Ian gathered the information from his sources on the street, but, because of recent events, he is now questioning the validity of their information. He and Sergeant Dickerson are trying to make sure they are getting good intel.

Then his sources start dying…..

Second is a string of murders of people who attend a weekly seance. Interestingly, Ian went to that seance with his Aunt Lillian and walked out when things got a bit weird for him. Ian thinks talking to the dead is fake news.

But now he is on the case to solve the increasing death toll…..

Thirdly, there has been new information from his most trusted street source, Derek McNair, a tween surviving the mean streets on his own, that the fire that killed Ian’s parents, and injured himself, a few years ago may have been a murder for hire.

Ian’s boss, DCI Crawford, does not want him working on this investigation, but, he has to…..

Overwhelmed with work, Ian knows he always has Dickerson to lean on, except, now, their relationship is oddly strained. Ian’s brother Donald has given up the booze and is doing well in Med School, as is Ian’s new friend, Arthur Conan Doyle. Ian relies on them to help as well. Especially Conan Doyle, who is intrigued by investigative police work.

Duh, Sherlock…..

To make matters even more confusing…..Ian is being courted by Nurse Fiona Stuart, and Ian keeps standing her up.

OMG, what a mess….

“Edinburgh Midnight” is a terrific, fast, read that keeps you guessing right along with Ian, and on the edge of your seat hoping he survives when EVERYTHING converges in a whirlwind of intrigue….

……and violence.

To find out what happens…you will have to read the book when it comes out June 9, 2020. 🙂

Buy it here and support (Drive Safe!).



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