Short Story Summary: “The Vly” by C.E. Lawrence

An old man has been haunted by an experience he had many years before as a 12 year old living near the Catskill Mountains (Upstate NY) and a valley the locals call “The Vly”.

He decides it is time to write his experience down on paper…….

Slade is happy to finally be allowed to go hunting with his older cousin, Jacob, and Jacob’s faithful companion, Dragen.

Enjoying the forest, they lost track of time when Jacob noticed, to his surprise, that they are on the verge of the Vly.

Knowing that Slade lost his father a year ago on hunting trip in the Vly, and remembering this poem passed on by the elders:

“The Vly, the Vly is dark inside,
Where strange and fearsome things may hide
Heed my warning, hear the cry—
Don’t go nigh the Vly, the Vly.”

They went into the Vly………..

Oh to see what happens in this 10 page short story, you can find it in “The Mystery Box” edited by Brad Meltzer. 🙂

More from C.E. Lawrence……


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