“Cleopatra’s Dagger” by Carole Lawrence

“Cleopatra’s Dagger” by Carole Lawrence

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

1880, New York City

A murderer lurks in New York City. He loves everything ancient Egyptian and…is planning to kill.

Unfortunately, his plans are now becoming a reality, and……

Elizabeth van den Broek has become an unknowing witness.

Elizabeth is a reporter at the Herald in New York City. The daughter of a respected judge and a wealthy family……Elizabeth loves writing, but, wants more from her career than just writing about the social scene in the city.

Alas, she is a woman and the other reporter positions are filled by men.

At least for now……

Living on her own in Stuyvesant, Elizabeth is pushing the boundires of societal acceptance for a young woman in 1880, but, she does not care. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go after it.

Walking with a new friend, Carlotta and her dog Toby, in Central Park…..Toby finds…..

An Egyptian MUMMY buried at the future site of the New York City Cleopatra’s Needle…..

The murders have started, and it is up to Elizabeth, the first ever female crime reporter, to figure out who the murderer is…..or die.

To find out what happens, you can read the book when it hits “stores” on April 1, 2022.

Go here to pre-order.

“Cleopatra’s Dagger” is a fun, fast, captivating read from one of my favorite authors. I downloaded the ARC and was only going to read the first chapter then finish it in 2022…..fool me! I was hooked and the other book I planned on reading was put aside. (sorry, James Rollins!) 🙂

More books from C.E., Carole, Elizabeth……


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