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  • Book Review: “Strong Light of Day” by Jon Land

    Book Review: “Strong Light of Day” by Jon Land

    Genre: Thriller  (Cracklin Good Read) Buy it! — I recently sat down with Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong to discuss her latest case. Here is an excerpt of that interview: I hear your nickname is the “Hurricane”. Why is that? D.W. Tepper, my boss and longtime family friend, gave me that nickname because every time I […]

  • Book Review: “Strong Vengeance” by Jon Land

    (Complex, terrifying,  love Caitlin Strong) Genre:  Thriller – This is an ARC sent to me several months ago by Jon Land (who you all should know by now is the reason I am TracyReaderDad).  Life sometimes gets complex, and the reason it took me sooo long to finish this book is because it is complex. […]

  • Book Review: “Strong at the Break” by Jon Land

    Genre:  Thriller Rating: 4 WaterTowers This is more than an ARC.  Jon sent me an email and asked if I wanted a PDF version of his upcoming book (June 21, 2011) now…..or wait for a paper version.  Since I have the Nook, I figured it was time to give the PDF a try (and besides, […]

  • Book Review: “Strong Justice” by Jon Land

      Genre:  Thriller Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger, kicks ass) This is an ARC sent to me by Jon Land.  It is due in stores in June 2010.  I will try to remain as objective as possible, but, so you know, Jon is the main reason I am getting all these cool books […]

  • Book Review: “Strong Enough to Die” by Jon Land

      Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers Jon Land sent me a signed Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of “Strong Enough to Die” which is due in stores in May 2009.  How cool is that?  Thank you to Jon!   “You believe in God, Belladonna? I asked you that before and you never answered me.” “Strong Enough to Die” […]