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“Strong Light of Day” by Jon Land

Genre: Thriller  (Cracklin Good Read) Buy it! — I recently sat down with Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong to discuss her latest case. Here is an excerpt of that interview: I hear your nickname is the “Hurricane”. Why is that? D.W. Tepper, my boss and longtime family friend, gave me that nickname because every time I

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Book Review: “Strong Vengeance” by Jon Land

(Complex, terrifying,  love Caitlin Strong) Genre:  Thriller – This is an ARC sent to me several months ago by Jon Land (who you all should know by now is the reason I am TracyReaderDad).  Life sometimes gets complex, and the reason it took me sooo long to finish this book is because it is complex.

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Book Review: “Strong at the Break” by Jon Land

Genre:  Thriller Rating: 4 WaterTowers This is more than an ARC.  Jon sent me an email and asked if I wanted a PDF version of his upcoming book (June 21, 2011) now…..or wait for a paper version.  Since I have the Nook, I figured it was time to give the PDF a try (and besides,

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