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Genre: Thriller

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I recently sat down with Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong to discuss her latest case. Here is an excerpt of that interview:

I hear your nickname is the “Hurricane”. Why is that?

D.W. Tepper, my boss and longtime family friend, gave me that nickname because every time I am assigned a case someone gets shot and all hell breaks loose before the case is solved.

Without shooting me….can you summarize the case you just completed?

This case had multiple facets. At first they seemed like separate cases, but, in the end they all connected. This case included: A school bus load of kids on a camping trip disappearing, the mysterious deaths of cattle on several ranches, the pursuit of Calum Dane who I suspected in the torching of his warehouse several years ago, a bombing at a Kansas State University research lab, Russian spies, and virtual reality.  

Who worked with you to solve the cases, or case…as it turned out?

My team of investigators normally consists of Cort Wesley Masters, Colonel Guillermo Paz, Texas Ranger Captain D.W. Tepper, and the ghost of Leroy Epps.  This time we also got a lot of help from Jones (or Smith) from Homeland Security.  

Were there any surprises during the investigation?

Yes…..dangerous beetles and a shoot out with imaginary foes that looked real but were not.  Both surprises were very scary.

Is that your phone?  You can get it…..

Sorry, but, I have to go. There is an incident that Captain Tepper needs me to take care of…..

To be continued…..(or read the book to find out what happens….)

NOTE: For those who are not aware, Jon Land is the reason I am TracyReaderDad.  🙂


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