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A Visual Roadmap to Barry Eisler’s Books

I saw this visual on Facebook today and asked Barry if I could grab it and post it here.  He said yes, as long as […]

“Livia Lone” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller “Livia Lone” is an ARC sent to me by Barry Eisler.  It is due in “stores” on October 25, 2016. THEN 13 year […]

“Redemption Games” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller John Rain, assassin, is getting soft dreaming about the possibly of a normal life. He may die because of it… Buy It! John […]

“The God’s Eye View” by Barry Eisler

(Information is Power) Genre: Thriller – Buy it! – “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton In this day & age: […]

Book Review: “Paris is a Bitch” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller (a Rain / Delilah Short Story) Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers (Read it!  Great story) This is Eisler’s second short story in the past few […]

Book Review: “The Lost Coast” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 Watertowers This is only available in electronic form.  You can get it at several online locations including Amazon and Barnes & […]

Ebooks and Self-Publishing: A Conversation Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath

This is very interesting, timely, and important discussion. The publishing world is changing and these two great authors are in the thick of it (as […]

Book Review: "Inside Out" by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 WaterTowers (power and politics from the inside…out) This is an ARC sent to me, and signed, by Barry Eisler.  It is […]

Barry Eisler on E-Book and Paper Publishing

OK.  I caught Barry Eisler’s link to his blog entry titled “Paper Earthworks and Digital Tides” where he gives an outstanding synopsis and opinion on […]

“Fault Line” by Barry Eisler

  Rating:  4 WaterTowers “Fault Line” is due in stores in March 2009.  I recieved this ARC from Barry Eisler and I thank him for […]