Book Review: “All the Devils” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

This is the third book in the Livia Lone series. If you are anal like me when it comes to reading order, read “The Killer Collective” before this one as Livia was involved in those events and the early chapters of “All the Devils” refer to stuff I had no idea happened. Luckily, Barry updates us on those events……and then this book takes off… a freakin rocket…..on it’s own.

Ten years ago, Homeland Security agent B.D. Little’s teenage daughter, Presley, disappeared.

In his grief, Little spent the next ten years searching for her abductor and possible killer. In that time, he became a powerful enemy of human traffickers, and that is what lead him to Livia Lone of the Seattle Police Department in the last book, “The Night Trade”.

Livia and Little worked together in “The Night Trade” and did wonders ridding the world of monsters (those that trafficked Livia and her sister when they were kids), with a little help from Dox (or as Livia / Labee calls him…..Carl).


It’s been seven years since a disappearance like Presley’s has taken place, but, now…..something hit Little’s computer system that matches! WTF.

The reader knows who is doing this and who the next targets are, but, this is a no-spoiler review, so you will have to read the book to find out. 😉

Needless to say, Little and Livia are in danger from the most dangerous and most powerful of human waste. So powerful, in fact, that the danger reaches almost to the top o f the U.S. Govt.

“All the Devils” is a rocket read that you have to put down to catch your breath……and sanity. Livia is amazing and, unbeknownst to me, is now part of the killer collective of Rain, Dox, Kanizaki, Treven, and Larison.

Bad news for the bad guys…..I can’t wait for the next Livia Lone (but in the meantime, I WILL read “The Killer Collective”).

Go here to see an Eisler fans really cool book order diagram….minus a new book or two.

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