Book Review: “Livia Lone” by Barry Eisler


Genre: Thriller


“Livia Lone” is an ARC sent to me by Barry Eisler.  It is due in “stores” on October 25, 2016.


13 year old Labee (Livia) and her 11 year old sister Nason are members of the Lahu tribe in northern Thailand. Times are tough, but, they are happy and hard-working.

One day a van arrives to (forceably) take Livia and Nason away. They end up in a container on a ship with several others headed to parts unknown. They are fed, but, after a short time, are sexually abused by their kidnappers.

Livia and Nason are victims of human trafficking and are, eventually, separated.

Livia is adopted by wealthy business man, Fred Lone, and his wife in Llewellyn, Idaho. Livia, while holding out hope to find her sister, goes to school, makes friends, becomes an expert in martial arts, and grows up……

But all is not what it seems……


Livia Lone is a cop in the Seattle PD “Vice & High Risk Victims Unit” investigating sex crimes and human trafficking.

Still looking for Nason even though 16 years have passed, she is passionate about bringing criminals involved in sex crimes and human trafficking to justice. Livia is a good cop with great instincts…..

But all is not what it seems……

To see what happens, you will have to read the book.  Buy It!

“Livia Lone”  is a terrific read:  Violent, visceral, scary, shocking, thought provoking, and, unfortunately, relevant.

Human trafficking has been the subject recently, in Tracy, CA, of several meetings in local high schools.  A problem that is extremely disturbing and, unfortunately, growing.

Interestingly written in a THEN and NOW format where, over time, the THEN catches up to the NOW….and all hell breaks loose.

I asked Mr. Eisler, and yes, Livia will return…..





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