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  • Book Review: “Act of War” by Brad Thor

    Book Review: “Act of War” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller A meeting between a CIA agent and his informant in Hong Kong leads to a shocking discovery. China has instituted a new form of warfare, unrestricted warfare, and the first victim will be the United States. In fact……”Snow Dragon” has already started, and the U.S. needs to stop it before millions die. CIA […]

  • Book Review: “Hidden Order” by Brad Thor

    Book Review: “Hidden Order” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller Written in 2013….but cut from today’s headlines (Jan 6, 2021…never forget who encouraged the insurrection): “When that happens, the United States is going to need its very best and very brightest to push back the darkness and take the fight to any enemy that would see us destroyed, both foreign and domestic.” Sea […]

  • Book Review: “Black List” by Brad Thor

    Book Review: “Black List” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller Note: Two years ago I stopped reading “Full Black” on page 340, a “clunker”, but, I gave it my best try considering the dark times just starting in 2017. In 2019, I decided to pick up Brad Thor again. “Black List” is awesome! Caroline Romero is being followed. An employee of the top […]

  • “Foreign Influence” by Brad Thor

    “Foreign Influence” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller Inner Mongolia An elite force under the direction of a man with liver spotted hands in London obliterates a secret military base (designated 243). Unbeknownst to the world, a horrifying worldwide terror network has just changed hands. Chicago A woman walking home from an after work celebration is run over by a taxi […]

  • Book Review: “The Athena Project” by Brad Thor

    Book Review: “The Athena Project” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller The Delta Force is an organization, much like the SEALS, that is used by the U.S. Government for secret operations around the world. The Delta Force operatives are, mostly, men.  But there is one special division where the operatives are beautiful, athletic, extremely intelligent women.  The advantages when infiltrating male dominated terrorist organizations […]

  • Book Review: “The Apostle” by Brad Thor

    Book Review: “The Apostle” by Brad Thor

    Genre:  Thriller (Scot Harvath in Afghanistan) Dr. Julia Gallo was helping the poor in Afghanistan until she was captured by Taliban leader Mullah Massoud and his sidekick, Russian intelligence officer, Sergei Simonov. The ransom demand is the return of the al-Qaeda terrorist Mustafa Khan who is currently in an Afghan prison. Julia’s mother is the […]

  • Book Review: "The Last Patriot" by Brad Thor

    Book Review: "The Last Patriot" by Brad Thor

    Book Review Genre:  Thriller Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers (a more intellectual Scot Harvath) Key Points Muslims today believe that the Koran is a perfect, complete, document. In 1972, workers restoring the Great Mosque at Sana’a in Yemen discovered what was believed to have been lost parchments from the original Koran. Thomas Jefferson (yes, that Thomas Jefferson) owned a first edition […]

  • “The First Commandment” by Brad Thor

    “The First Commandment” by Brad Thor

      Genre: Thriller Rating: 3 Water Towers The action picks up in “The First Commandment” where it left off in “Takedown”. Scot Harvath is in the hospital taking care of Tracy when his boss Gary Lawlor visits with some news on the attack on Tracy. Some of the blood smeared on Scot’s door was lambs […]

  • “Takedown” by Brad Thor

    “Takedown” by Brad Thor

    Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 Water Towers Sit in your favorite chair to read Takedown. But, before you start, strap on a seatbelt and pull it tight, because the next time you will be able to relax is after the very last word in the book: dead. “Takedown” is a rousing, violent, epic adventure filled with […]