Book Review: “Black List” by Brad Thor

Genre: Thriller

Note: Two years ago I stopped reading “Full Black” on page 340, a “clunker”, but, I gave it my best try considering the dark times just starting in 2017. In 2019, I decided to pick up Brad Thor again. “Black List” is awesome!

Caroline Romero is being followed.

An employee of the top secret private company, Adaptive Technology Solutions (ATS), she knows the people who are following her, and she knows that if she does not complete her task, the world will never know about how evil ATS is. She has to hurry and be smart.

Caroline dies.

Athena Project Delta operative, Riley Turner, is in the Carlton Group safe house in Paris. Scot Harvath knocks on the door and all hell breaks loose.

Riley dies. 😦

But Harvath kills the four man team of special operatives…..and flees to safety.

Reed Carlton is awakened by smoke. He tries to summon his guards with no success. Luckily, he has a secret passage way out of the house.

Reed flees to safety, but, the Carlton Group is no more….everyone is dead.

The Troll meets with Caroline’s sister, Nina, who gives him the memory dongle she got in the mail from Caroline.

Nickolas uses his vast knowledge of everything technical to read the contents of the dongle. What he finds is shocking!

The U.S.A. is under attack. The Internet will be crushed. A coup is about to take place, but, everyone who can help….is dead. Or missing.

To see what happens….you will have to read “Black List”. A scary, very timely (considering the FCC in 2019 is trying to take away the free, open, Internet, and the 2019 Gov’t is proposing controls on Social Media. Dark times in real life….just not the party doing it that was probably envisioned in the book), thriller where only a handful of people must somehow communicate without being found out….to save the country.

But…..big brother (ATS) is watching everything you do.



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