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  • “No Rest For The Dead” Preview

    “No Rest For The Dead” Preview

    Galen at the Tracy Barnes & Noble gave me (well…..loaned me) a 3 chapter preview of “No Rest For The Dead”.  This book will be in stores in July 2011. There is one thing totally unique about this upcoming book:  It was written by 25 of our favorite Authors (it looks like they each took […]

  • Book Review: "The Vig" by John Lescroart

    Book Review: "The Vig" by John Lescroart

    Genre: Thriller Rating: 3 Water Towers     Sometimes the only way to get out of paying “The Vig”…… to die. “The Vig” can be thought of as the interest due on a loan. The difference between a bank loan, and one from the San Francisco Mafia is that the interest payment from a bank […]