“No Rest For The Dead” Preview

Galen at the Tracy Barnes & Noble gave me (well…..loaned me) a 3 chapter preview of “No Rest For The Dead”.  This book will be in stores in July 2011.

There is one thing totally unique about this upcoming book:  It was written by 25 of our favorite Authors (it looks like they each took a chapter) with an Intro by one of my all time heros: David Baldacci.


In the Prologue, written by Jonathan Santlofer, we witness the execution of Rosemary Thomas.  Rosemary was convicted 10 years earlier of murdering her husband, Museum Curator, Christopher Thomas (interestingly his decomposing body was found inside an “Iron Maiden“).

Among the witnesses of the execution are Rosemary’s brother, a newspaper reporter (and friend), and the Policeman (Jon Nunn) who’s diligent work made sure Rosemary got the death penalty.

In Jon Nunn’s Diary, written by Andrew F. Gulli, we learn that Jon had evidence that he ignored, and that he now thinks Rosemary was innocent.  He vows to gather all the suspects (a la Agatha Christie) and name the killer (Baldacci warns us that this may happen, but, it will be a shocker).

Time moves back 10 years….

Chapter 1, written by Jeff Lindsay, introduces us to the (fictional?) McFall Art Museum in San Francisco, Curator Christopher Thomas, and the start of the list of suspects.  Among the suspects are museum employee Justine Olegard whom he just lied to about a painting and her job for the sake of rolling around on the couch with her.  We find that Christopher is selling the paintings (under the guise of theft), and that he borrowed money from someone who wants to be paid back.

More suspects.

Chapter 2, written by Alexander McCall Smith, brings Christopher and Justine to France to meet with Max Porter (a wealthy art collector).  While there, Christopher meets, and rolls around in the hay that night with a German woman.  Justine is pissed (I guess she was horny the night before) and threatens Christopher, Max wants Christopher to illegally transport a Bocelli back to the US and in the process threatens him should he want to say no.

More suspects, more motive!

Chapter 3, written by Raymond Khoury, finds everyone back home in SF, but introduces Bandini, the painting restorer / seller of stolen art.  Bandini becomes suspicious of Christopher and decides that he may have to take Christopher out to protect himself.  Back at the Museum, Justine demands her cut of the profit while she and Christopher do it again in his office.

More suspects, more motive.

OK….you get the point.  I suspect there will be a lot more suspects in the coming chapters, and we will learn even more about what a cad Christopher is.  I’m sure we will hear Rosemary’s side of the story too….

July…..can’t wait!


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