“Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

“Edinburgh Dusk” is a fantastic read with shocking twists and turns, criminology, and history all woven into a narrative that is nearly impossible to put down.

“Edinburgh Twilight” by Carole Lawrence

Genre: Mystery February 1881, Edinburgh, Scotland Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton is, at 27, the youngest person in the Edinburgh City Police to gain the rank of "Detective Inspector". At the moment, he is investigating a possible suicide in Holyrood Park. Apparently, Stephen Wycherly, climbed up to the top of Arthur's Seat and jumped off a … Continue reading “Edinburgh Twilight” by Carole Lawrence

Book Review: “Silent Stalker” by C.E. Lawrence

(Excellent Short Story) - - I read this short story about a month ago, then life got in the way, so I am late reviewing it. "The girl was too pretty not to know it. She was....the kind of girl whose whole life was defined by her prettiness.  It trailed after her like the tail … Continue reading Book Review: “Silent Stalker” by C.E. Lawrence

Book Review: “Silent Slaughter” by C. E. Lawrence

Genre: Thriller (the best Lee Campbell so far.....) This was an uncorrected proof ARC sent to me by "C.E. Lawrence".  It is due in stores momentarily. Lee Campbell is a NYC Police Department Forensic Psychologist. He is called in when the most heinous crimes occur (mostly serial) and help is needed finding the murderer. In … Continue reading Book Review: “Silent Slaughter” by C. E. Lawrence

“Silent Kills” by C.E. Lawrence

Genre:  Thriller / Mystery (Lee Campbell rocks!) Pretty, young, healthy, caucasian girls are turning up dead in New York City.  Their bodies show no apparent struggle, but, curiously, they are completely drained of their blood. Because of the location, and condition, of the first body, the killer has been dubbed by the New York media as: … Continue reading “Silent Kills” by C.E. Lawrence