Book Review: “Edinburgh Twilight” by Carole Lawrence

Genre: Mystery

February 1881, Edinburgh, Scotland

Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton is, at 27, the youngest person in the Edinburgh City Police to gain the rank of “Detective Inspector”.

At the moment, he is investigating a possible suicide in Holyrood Park. Apparently, Stephen Wycherly, climbed up to the top of Arthur’s Seat and jumped off a cliff to his death.  But Hamilton is not sure if he jumped….or was pushed.

Back at the precinct, Ian suggests to his boss, Detective Chief Inspector Crawford that he should investigate the Wycherly “suicide” as he thinks Stephen was murdered based on the flimsiest of evidence: no suicide note and his landlady says he was happy and had just gotten a puppy.

Crawford reluctantly agrees to let Ian, accompanied by Sergeant Dickerson, view the body at the morgue.

What Hamilton and Dickerson find is shocking, and what follows is the investigation of an increasing number of murders by the same person…….a person who leaves a unique calling card on each victim.

“Edinburgh Twilight” is a fantastic historical fiction mystery set in a time when forensics, and detailed police investigations, seem to be coming of age. The sights and scenes of Edinburgh are captivating and the characters are interesting and flawed, but, persistent and ingenious.  I loved this book!  Can’t wait for #2. 🙂

Buy it!

For Carole:  Ian Hamilton (3 letter first name, 8 letter last name), Lee Campbell (3 letter first name, 8 letter last name)….coincidence?  😉



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