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  • “The Cure” by Robin Cook

    “The Cure” by Robin Cook

    (Laurie Montgomery Returns to Work) Genre:  Medical Thriller – Rival gangs and rival companies in Japan and the U.S. are competing in the race to secure licensing rights to the next big thing:  regenerative medicine using pluripotent stem cells. As the competition heats up…..death follows. New York City Medical Examiner, Laurie Montgomery, returns to work…

  • Book Review: “Critical” by Robin Cook

    Book Review: “Critical” by Robin Cook

    Genre:  Medical Thriller (Laurie Montgomery tackles MRSA) – Laurie Montgomery (for those who don’t know Laurie is a NYC Medical Examiner) and her unstoppable curiosity find themselves entrenched in a medical mystery involving multiple cases of a fast evolving, and killing, MRSA bacteria. Most of the cases of this virulent form of MRSA are coming…

  • Book Review: “Coma” by Robin Cook

    Book Review: “Coma” by Robin Cook

    Genre: Medical Thriller Buy it! Rating: 5 Water Towers If you are going in for a minor operation, stay away from Operating Room 8. Nearing the 30th anniversary of the publication of “Coma” this is still an amazing book. After years of book learning, third year medical student, Susan Wheeler, is just embarking on the…