“The Cure” by Robin Cook

4-Watertowers(Laurie Montgomery Returns to Work)

Genre:  Medical Thriller

Rival gangs and rival companies in Japan and the U.S. are competing in the race to secure licensing rights to the next big thing:  regenerative medicine using pluripotent stem cells.

As the competition heats up…..death follows.

New York City Medical Examiner, Laurie Montgomery, returns to work after taking over a year off to care for her ailing baby.

Her first case back is an easy one:  A natural death of a young Asian man in the subway.

But all is not what it seems.  Laurie’s natural curiosity and determination turn up inconsistencies that lead her to believe this man died of causes other than natural.

Searching the tapes of the subway station, Laurie sees the man being chased and apparently injected with a substance before the muggers take his wallet and other valuables (..they are hoping to get his lab notebooks detailing a major breakthrough the man made in pluripotent stem cell technology).

“The Cure” is an interesting medical thriller reaching beyond the world of medicine into organized crime, corporate greed, and…….family.


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