Book Review: “Silent Slaughter” by C. E. Lawrence

Genre: Thriller

(the best Lee Campbell so far…..)

This was an uncorrected proof ARC sent to me by “C.E. Lawrence”.  It is due in stores momentarily.

Lee Campbell is a NYC Police Department Forensic Psychologist.

He is called in when the most heinous crimes occur (mostly serial) and help is needed finding the murderer.

In “Silent Slaughter”, Lee and his NYC Police Department compadres (Butts, Morton, Krieger, etc) are trying to solve the murders of young women by “the Professor”.  They know he is doing the crimes because he writes letters to various team members detailing how much he is loving the chase.

Math comes into play….if you are a nerd like me, you can figure out the foundation for the murders.  I did….2 pages before I was told.  YES!  It was the last murder that put all the pieces into place for me, even though I had earlier suspicions….

A fun, fast read.  The characters we got to know and love in the first two books are expanded upon…it is really nice to get to know them in more depth.  Lee’s depression is not a factor in this book….great!….he is healing from the murder / disappearance of his sister 6 years ago.  BUT…new evidence in her case is popping up, as is a new lover since dumb-shit Kathy cheated on Lee…..

“Silent Slaughter” will be in stores this month….a great read….go buy it!  🙂


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