Book Review: “Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

“Edinburgh Dusk” is an ARC sent to me by Carole Lawrence.  It is due in “stores” in September 2018.  This is the second book in the Ian Hamilton series.

Edinburgh, 1880

Finally the day has come for her lover to die. He is suffering in bed while she comforts him. In fact, she is lying next to him, sexually aroused by his impending death. Nothing makes her feel more alive….than death.

Dr. Sophia-Jex-Blake walked into the police station with the news that one of her patient’s husbands, Mr. Thomas Caruthers, is dead from arsenic poisoning. Dr. Jex-Blake is well known in Edinburgh as one of the “Edinburgh Seven”. Women who broke with tradition and forced the University to train them as Doctors.

There is no doubting her credibility.

Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Crawford and, Shakespeare quoting, Detective Investigator (DI) Ian Hamilton listen to Dr. Jex-Blakes’s description of horizontal striations on the fingernails that clearly indicate arsenic as the cause of death.

Although hesitant, DCI Crawford assigns Ian and Sergeant Dickerson to see if this case is worth opening as a murder investigation.

It is.

As Ian and Dickerson uncover clues, more deaths occur which lead the investigators to understand that a serial killer is on the loose in Edinburgh, Scotland, and that time is of the essence.

Unfortunately, the closer Ian and Dickerson get to the killer, the more danger they, and their families, are in. They could be next as poison can be added anytime, silently.

Does Ian find the killer or does the killer find Ian or Dickerson?  To see what happens, you will have to read the book when it comes out in September.

Oh…I almost forgot: In the course of the investigation, Ian meets a young medical student who is very interested in writing and crime solving: Arthur Conan Doyle.  Very very cool.

“Edinburgh Dusk” is a fantastic read with shocking twists and turns, criminology, and history all woven into a narrative that is nearly impossible to put down.

I loved it, and can’t wait for #3. Time to read “Hamlet”  😉


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