“Silent Kills” by C.E. Lawrence

Genre:  Thriller / Mystery

(Lee Campbell rocks!)

Pretty, young, healthy, caucasian girls are turning up dead in New York City.  Their bodies show no apparent struggle, but, curiously, they are completely drained of their blood.

Because of the location, and condition, of the first body, the killer has been dubbed by the New York media as: The Van Cortlandt Vampire.

NYPD profiler, Lee Campbell is called in to help Detective Leonard Butts and Captain Chuck Morton solve the case.  Linguistic and cultural expert Elena Krieger is also called in to help.  In other words, the team has been re-assembled.  I love it!

The body count mounts and the detectives are trying to find a suspect.  Their clues include the fact that the killer is praying on fellow “steampunk” followers (See this WikiPedia article on steampunk), and that he is (according to Lee) white, not hurting for money, very organized, and has some kind of medical training.  Other than that…they have nothing.

“Silent Kills” is the third book in the “Lee Campbell” series and is a rousing, tense, scary, mystery. It takes you around the New York City / New Jersey areas as clues build and the team tries to make sense of them. Very exciting, very scary, somewhat gory.

On a more personal note, you may remember that Lee has been suffering severe bouts of depression and anxiety since the disappearance of his sister (Laura) about 6 years ago.  In books one and two, he made significant improvement thanks, in no small part, to Kathy, his new girlfriend.  Well…in book three, Kathy meets some good looking idiot and dumps Lee (oh yeah, that pisses me off, sorry this is just a book….I forget).  This throws Lee back into depression and significantly messes up his mind.

Not good for finding the Van Cortlandt Vampire…..

Anyway….”Silent Kills” is must read for lovers of this genre.  AND TracyReaderDad is menitioned in the “Experts Praise” section (see the picture below)!!!!  WhooooHoooooo….


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