Book Review: “Silent Stalker” by C.E. Lawrence

(Excellent Short Story)

I read this short story about a month ago, then life got in the way, so I am late reviewing it.

“The girl was too pretty not to know it. She was….the kind of girl whose whole life was defined by her prettiness.  It trailed after her like the tail of a comet.  …..It didn’t seem fair that someone like her had been endowed with so much.  …life wasn’t fair.”

Unfortunately, for the beautiful, young, Mindy Lewis death got in the way.

The Carver enjoys killing, and it is up to Lee Campbell, Detective Butts, and team to stop him.

“Silent Stalker” is a short story that moves along to a solution much quicker than the longer novels in this series.  As such, this version lacks the intimate macabre details of the killers thoughts and deeds.  That said….”Silent Stalker” is still a wonderful scary story leaving me wanting more.

Download it….you will love it.


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