Book Review: “Pride Prejudice & Poison” by Elizabeth Blake

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Erin Coleridge, a true crime enthusiast, moved to Kirkbymoorside (near the North York Moors National Park) two years ago and opened a bookstore: The Readers Quarry.

Waiting for the latest meeting of the Northern Branch of the Jane Austin Society to come to order, Erin and her friend Farnsworth are watching people arrive. When Jonathan Alder (newly arrived school teacher) does not arrive, Erin’s heart sinks, and she wonders if Sylvia scared him away for good after their last argument.

President of the society, Sylvia Pemberthy, calls the meeting to order…..if “order” is the word you can use as the society members have become rowdier and more divided since Sylvia became President. Imagine how scary a bunch of book nerds can be!

Business is taken care of and they break for tea.

Erin thinks she see Jonathan, then……

A scream!!!

“It’s Sylvia–she’s dead!”


Oh… see what happens, you will have to read the book! 🙂

“Pride, Prejudice, & Poison” is a fantastic, fun read that introduces the reader to Erin and a host of other characters….most of whom are suspects in Sylvia’s murder. I loved it!

I have read a few other cozies and had forgotten how much fun they are. I liken them to an oasis in a sea of blood (thrillers) or a Hallmark movie in a world gone mad.

In fact, because “PP&P” was such a fun book, I grabbed a few more cozies destined for book drops to add to my reading list between thrillers…..and…..Elizabeth sent me her latest ARC of “Death & Sensibility” that I will start reading today. It is due in “stores” August 10, 2021.

The real definition of a cozy can be found here.

More books by Elizabeth, Carole, C.E………


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