Book Review: “Foreign Influence” by Brad Thor

Genre: Thriller

Inner Mongolia

An elite force under the direction of a man with liver spotted hands in London obliterates a secret military base (designated 243). Unbeknownst to the world, a horrifying worldwide terror network has just changed hands.


A woman walking home from an after work celebration is run over by a taxi cab. A pair of Chicago cops investigate and find way more than they expected.

Basque Pyrenees, Spain

The Troll is nearly murdered in his secret chalet by a high priced escort that had gained his trust.  His dogs, Argos and Draco, saved his life and ended hers.

A bus filled with American students in Rome, blows up killing many.  The Troll is thought to be behind it, but, Harvath, who knows the Troll, knows he does not kill people as he only deals with information.

As part of the private intelligence Carlton Group (funded by DOD black money) Harvath is sent to Europe to find out who blew up the bus and to arrest the Troll.  What he finds is a terror network bent on taking terror to the highest level, and the only person who can stop them is Scot Harvath.

“Foreign Influence” is the 9th (?) Scot Harvath book and is an excellent, if terrifying, read with shocking twists and turns.  Be warned: Our enemies are not who we think…..

Spoiler Alert (scroll with your mouse–>):  Harvath breaks up with Tracy.  He is a true blue asshole.

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