Book Review: “Code of Conduct” by Brad Thor

Genre: Thriller

Pierre Damien is rich beyond belief. Life has been good to him, and to keep that streak going, Helena, his current girlfriend, is beautiful, caring, and best of all….she loves him without question.

Pierre has work to do coordinating the plan he has conjured up to make the world a better place, a much better place, and must leave Helena alone for the morning.

What Damien does not know is that Helena is a Mossad agent and her “job” is to get Damien’s passwords, so Mossad can stop his plan…….

Unfortunately, Helena is late getting the passwords and time is running out.

Ooops….time just ran out……


Scot Harvath is headed to the Congo, leaving his new girlfriend Lara behind, to investigate why a heavily armed strike force (that is also wearing protective gear and masks) hit a clinic, killed everyone, and burned the bodies in a huge pit.

He just needs a bit of time to figure out what is going on.

Oooops…time ran out…..

And no matter how hard they try…….Harvath and his team from the Carlton Group (including The Troll and his dogs Argos and Draco, and Sloan Ashby (The Athena Project)) cannot seem to fight the threat that could kill more than half the population of the world……

Or can they?

To see what happens, in this exciting, fast, action-packed book, you will have to read it. 🙂

As always, Brad Thor is just slightly ahead of the real headlines.

More Brad Thor…..

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