Book Review: "The Last Patriot" by Brad Thor

Book Review

Genre:  Thriller

Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers (a more intellectual Scot Harvath)

Key Points

  • Muslims today believe that the Koran is a perfect, complete, document.
  • In 1972, workers restoring the Great Mosque at Sana’a in Yemen discovered what was believed to have been lost parchments from the original Koran.
  • Thomas Jefferson (yes, that Thomas Jefferson) owned a first edition “Don Quixote” that may hold the key to a missing Koran passage.

Rome, Italy

Dr. Marwan Khalifa, a noted Koranic scholar is working at the Italian Centre for Photoreproduction, Binding, and Restoration of State Archives (aka CFLR) researching the contents of the 1972 parchments.

The Koran may not be complete, and Dr. Khalifa is slowly building a case to “reexamine their faith with a modern, twenty -first-century perspective, rather than the outdated, unenlightened perspective of seventh-century Arabia”.   Not only that, Dr. Khalifa’s research fits in nicely with that of his friend and colleague, Anthony Nichols, who is searching for the missing “Don Quixote” book.

Unfortunately, he will never get the chance.

One night while working late and alone, Dr. Khalifa is brutally murdered and the CFLR set ablaze.  All the research is gone.

Paris, France

Scot Harvath, ex-SEAL and Secret Service,  and Tracy Hastings are relaxing in a Cafe.  It has been nine months since Harvath killed Tracy’s attacker and was betrayed by the President.  He and Tracy are taking some time to be by themselves.

Scot notices a well dressed person breaking into a car across the street.  He has a gut feeling that it is more than a simple car theft, because as soon as the car pulls away from the spot, it is replaced by a Mercedes.  The driver, a well dressed Arab, got out and walked away.

Bells and whistles are going off inside Scot’s head and he decides to leave the Cafe with Tracy in tow.  As they rush off, they bump into a man coming out of a bookstore headed for the Cafe.  Scot spotted the driver of the Mercedes raise his cell phone to make a call.  He knew what was happening as he ran to tackle the man just before the Mercedes exploded killing many people in the Cafe.

The man he saved was Anthony Nichols.

As “The Last Patriot” unfolds we follow Scot, Tracy, Anthony and others on a wild chase to recover the secrets of the missing Koran passage that Thomas Jefferson hid so well.

If you like a great adventure of the Dan Brown ilk, you will love “The Last Patriot”.



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