Book Review: “The Athena Project” by Brad Thor

the athena project

Genre: Thriller


The Delta Force is an organization, much like the SEALS, that is used by the U.S. Government for secret operations around the world.

The Delta Force operatives are, mostly, men.  But there is one special division where the operatives are beautiful, athletic, extremely intelligent women.  The advantages when infiltrating male dominated terrorist organizations are obvious.

“The Athena Project” operatives are on a mission to stop the use of an old World War II designed teleportation device that never quite worked correctly way back when, but, is now being perfected to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world.

It is up to the Athena women to save us.  What follows is an interesting technical thriller spanning the globe and a race to save mankind.  The women do kick some ass along the way.

“The Athena Project” is Brad Thor light.  I expected more character depth ala his Scott Harvath series, but did not get it.  Scott does make an appearance, as does Tracy Hastings, but overall the female characters in this book never came to life for me.  The story, however, is straight out of Star Trek and I loved it.

A fun read, but, don’t expect vintage Brad Thor.  For that, read “The Lions of Lucerne” which is absolutely terrific.  I still have visuals running around in my brain…..and I read that book YEARS and YEARS ago.


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