gods eye view

4.5-Watertowers(Information is Power)

Genre: Thriller

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“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton

In this day & age: Information is Power.

Evie Gallagher works at the NSA. She is a devoted single mother to a deaf child and a computer science graduate. At her NSA job, Evie developed code that monitors networked cameras around the world. Harnessing that capability, Evie can monitor anyone who comes in view of these cameras. With a database of known “subversives” and a database of other critical individuals, the code Evie developed automatically pops up an alert if two people meet under “suspicious” circumstances.

When an alert pops up, Evie reports this to her boss: NSA Director, General Theodore Anders. Anders then takes that information and decides the best course of action. The more information Director Anders has at his disposal, the better he can do his job: keeping America safe.

Evie has concerns that the Director’s actions are stepping over the line, but, is unsure how to proceed or who she can trust. Eventually, she has to decide between right and wrong….even if it costs her her life.

To see what happens, you will have to read the book.

“The God’s Eye View” is a riveting, relevant, and gritty novel by one of my favorite authors, Barry Eisler. Hard-hitting and technologically savvy, “The God’s Eye View” raises concerns about the all-knowing information gathering apparatus we know as the NSA and shows that, in the wrong hands, absolute information can corrupt absolutely.

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