Book Review: “The Night Trade” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

Two months after the final events in the first book (“Livia Lone”). Livia (real name, Labee) has re-settled into her Seattle Police Department position in anti-trafficking.

Livia is teaching a self-defense class when her boss, Lt. Donna Strangland, interrupts class to introduce Livia to Homeland Security Special Agent Benjamin Dixon Little. He is there to talk to Livia about a possible collaboration with a newly formed anti-trafficking task force.

Little seems to know a lot about Livia’s background, more, in fact, than even her own police department employers, and needs her help busting a trafficking ring in Thailand.

Livia is not sure about Little or his task force, but, she also sees a way where she can clean up a 16 year old issue…..or several of them. Soooo, Livia devises a plan to head to Bangkok for a week or so to help her decide (and to do some clean up).

Dox (real name, Carl) has been hired to kill a UN official. He learns that he is being setup and instead kills the person who hired him, then barely escapes with his life.

More shit happens and Carl is now pursuing the person at the top of the food chain….a man named Sorm.

Livia, now in Thailand, takes care of a few of the old issues then finds out the next person she needs to meet with is…… a man named Sorm.

Two worlds collide and death and destruction follow.

To see what happens, you will have to read the book. 😉

I sometimes refer to a book as a roller coaster ride. “The Night Trade” is like California Screamin’. It takes off at 100 mph and just keeps going faster and faster until it ends and you get off walking on wobbly legs and a bit disoriented. A fantastic, fast, action packed, brutal, but, ultimately satisfying, read. One of Eisler’s best.


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