Book Review: “The Last Assassin” by Barry Eisler

the last assassin

Genre: Thriller


“And you accuse me of being in denial? What you do is like fighting a hydra. Everyone you kill, it creates two more. If you can’t see that, you’re insane.”

Life’s reality for John Rain, assassin.  As much as he wants to quit the business, as much as he wants a “normal” life, he can’t. The hydra won’t let him.

In “The Last Assassin” John is in Barcelona to meet Delilah his lover and assassin with Mossad, mulling over news from his friend in the Keisatsuho (the Japanese FBI), Tatsu, informing him that his ex-lover, Midori, has a child, a boy, and that Rain might be the father.

What can Rain do?  He has to go to New York, where Midori is living and working as a jazz musician. He needs to see the baby, he needs to know if the baby is his….he needs to be normal.

In New York, Rain meets the boy and Midori, but the hydra raises it’s head and Rain cuts it off, only to find even more trouble (in the form of Japanese gangster and long time foe, Yamaoto).

Now, because he was “weak”, more heads need cutting to keep Midori and his son safe.

But more heads grow…..a vicious, never-ending, cycle.

But, Rain, is not giving up the dream quite yet. He assembles his team and he, Dox, and Delilah travel to Japan to try to kill the hydra (right now…Yamaoto and friends) once and for all.

Can they do it?

To find out, you will have to read the book. But start with “Rain Fall” the first in the John Rain series.  “The Last Assassin (Extremis)” is john Rain book #5.

“The Last Assassin” now renamed “Extremis” is a terrific action filled thriller with one chapter (53) that is devastatingly, brilliantly, heart-breaking…..have tissue available.

PS: We took the featured picture in the rain….. 😉

PSS: Blaze did not want to sit.  🙂

PSSS: Barry Eisler stopped in the Tracy, CA Barnes & Noble to sign a few books one day many years ago. This was one.  🙂


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