Book Review: “The Killer Collective” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

Note: Read “The Killer Collective” BEFORE reading the latest Livia Lone book “All the Devils” (see my review here).

Several years after the events in “The Detachment” (see my review here), Rain, Dox, Larison, Delilah, and Horton are “retired” and wealthy. Treven is working for a private company and is doing well.

Seattle Sex Crimes Detective, Livia Lone, and her new friend, Dox, are fresh off the events of “The Night Trade” (see my review here) and is now investigating a child porn ring she calls “Child’s Play”.

She is getting some leads that apparently are making people high up in the political chain (of the United States) nervous and “Child’s Play is shut down.

Rain is happy to be retired in his newly refurbished home near Tokyo when Larison contacts him to tell him there is a possible job for someone with his expertise (killing people but making the death look natural).

Rain calls the contact, but, refuses the job since it involves killing a woman.


Livia is attacked after teaching her self defense class and the two attackers die. They had no idea who they were dealing with! They do now….

Trying to find the person who tried to hire him to kill Livia, Rain and Larison meet with Horton (who asked Larison to contact Rain in the first place) and are nearly killed in a helicopter gunship attack.


Needless to say…..the shit hits the fan as “The Detachment” team gets back together, with Livia as the newest member, to stop the people behind these attacks and the child porn ring that started it all.

Not everyone survives. 😦

“The Killer Collective” is brutal, fast, and an absolutely enthralling read. Eisler is hitting his stride with Rain and Lone and you can just feel the words flowing, easily, as he writes about these two characters. It’s almost as if he IS Rain and Lone. He is the dragon?


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