Book Review: “Redemption Games” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

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John Rain, assassin, is getting soft dreaming about the possibly of a normal life. He may die because of it…

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John Rain is a Japanese American assassin. His specialty is killing people so it looks like a natural death or accident. His services are for hire.

In “Redemption Games”, the fourth book in the John Rain series, Rain is teamed with a new partner, Dox, who saved his life in the previous book. Dox is an ex special forces sniper just learning the rules of close encounter assassinations. I suppose you could say that Rain is his mentor.

While Dox is ruthless and efficient, Rain is getting older and his thoughts are drifting toward a world of normalcy……not a good thing for a killer.

Manheim Lavi (Manny) is a freelance seller of weapons of mass destruction. Thank to Manny, thousands of people have died in terrorist attacks, and more attacks are planned. The CIA is mishandling the situation, so the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, has approached Rain to off Manny since they do not want it to look like a killing.

Rain accepts the task.

But……something goes wrong and, now, Rain and Dox are being hunted as they try to rectify the situation with help (?) from Mossad agent (and Rain’s current love interest), Delilah.

To see if Rain can survive, and if Delilah is loyal to Rain or Mossad, you will have to read the book.

Originally published as “Killing Rain”, Barry Eisler changed the titles of many of his books after he went independent (see this blog entry and this one).


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