Book Review: “The Lost Coast” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4 Watertowers

This is only available in electronic form.  You can get it at several online locations including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  This is Barry’s first “self-published book”.

“The Lost Coast” refers to a geographically challenged section of Northern California coast where US 1 pushes away from the water and heads inland to join 101.  Here is an interesting WikiPedia article on the lost coast.

This novel is a short story featuring Daniel Larison (the antagonist from “Inside Out”) on the run. He is headed up the California coast when he stops in Arcata, CA, the home of Humboldt State University, to rest for the night.

If I said anymore….it would ruin the plot.  So with a short story, you get a very short review.  🙂

“The Lost Coast” is different.  Very different.  Raw.  Intense.  Brutal.  Unafraid.  Controversial.  Written with an edge I have not seen… any author.  Read it if you dare….I suggest you do, because this is cutting edge writing.  The future.

The book comes to an end abruptly at page 46, leaving you wanting much more. I think you will get your wish in Eisler’s upcoming book (self-published?) “The Detachment” which brings together characters from different books like Rain, Treven, Dox, Larison and others.  Merging.  Emerging.  Terrifying.

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