Book Review: “Requiem for an Assassin” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller

Re-named by Barry Eisler as “The Killer Ascendant” this is John Rain book #6. Rain #7 is up next: “The Detachment”.

Ex-Marine sniper Dox has been kidnapped by ex-CIA, now rogue operator, Hilger.

Hilger has a need for three people to die a “natural death” and since that is John Rain’s specialty, Hilger calls Rain and “nicely” asks him to help out. If he refuses, Dox dies.

Since Dox is Rain’s one and only true friend he agrees.

Fighting to become a normal person again, and hanging out with Mossad agent Delilah, Rain’s inner killer, the iceman, must ascend (and, truthfully, it feels good to let the iceman take control…..scary shit).

The first death is someone in Bay Area. John scopes out the person, learns his habits, and one day while this person is riding his bike back from work, the bike slips on wet leaves, crashing, breaking his neck. An unfortunate accident that took the life of a highly respected Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Rain calls Hilger to let him know the first job was completed and that he needs to chat with Dox just to make sure he is alive….and that he is, in fact, Dox. Check.

Oh, by the way, Dox is not Rain’s “only” friend.

CIA agent based in Japan, Kanezaki, has been helping Rain more since Tatsu died. While Rain is working on his assigned tasks, Kanezaki is trying to locate Dox. That task is progressing…..

Kill #2 is a businessman on Long Island (my birthplace!). Rain scouts out the locations and the persons habits, finally deciding that the best place to kill him is at the apartment of #2’s mistress. Victim #2 dies a “natural” death caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.

As Rain was leaving the apartment building HE was attacked by one of Hilger’s henchmen…..oh, Rain was supposed to be #3. No such luck.

Anyway, Kanezaki finally figures out what all this is about and he and Rain……

To find out what happens, you will have to read the book.

Great read, very exciting, and scary as hell.

I am slowly catching up on my Barry Eisler books and the John Rain series. This book, by the way, was signed by Eisler when he stopped a few years ago at the Tracy, CA Barnes & Noble.


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