Book Review: “Strong Vengeance” by Jon Land

(Complex, terrifying,  love Caitlin Strong)

Genre:  Thriller

This is an ARC sent to me several months ago by Jon Land (who you all should know by now is the reason I am TracyReaderDad).  Life sometimes gets complex, and the reason it took me sooo long to finish this book is because it is complex.  I had to get rid of one complex to finish this…whew.  🙂

I read this book on my Nook Simple Touch.

This is the third in the Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger series.  I love Caitlin, but, my only concern is that it may be time for Caitlin to grow up a bit and stop being so impulsive. She has a “family” now, and the Strong legacy (at least from my understanding)  is one of contemplative thought then action, not the other way around.

Other than that, “Strong Vengeance” is a rousing, complex, story spanning about one hundred and eighty years.  Included are:  Thirty year old unsolved murders, a missing treasure, stolen radioactive waste, terrorism, deceit, and death.

Jon Land takes multiple disparate stories and weaves them together for an exciting tension filled  ending worthy of…..hmmmm, Caitlin Strong.

Here are the main stories:

1. A man, in 1820, is carrying a treasure on his person on a boat off the coast of Texas, when the boat is boarded by pirates.  These pirates happen to be Jean LaFitte, and Jim Bowie.  The treasure was never found.

2. (30 years ago) Jim Strong, Earl Strong, and D.W. Tepper investigate (without success) the murders of 5 college age men on Galveston Island, Texas.  Word has it they were searching for LaFitte’s treasure.

3. (The Present) All the crew of an off shore drilling rig are found dead.

4. The Rangers find that barrels from a local garbage processing facility that had been under the drilling rig, are now missing.

5. Terrorists are planning a major attack on U.S. soil.

To find out how all these five subplots (and a few others, including a creepy pedophile) come together at the end, you will just have to buy the book (or e-book) when it comes out.  🙂

Needless to say, Caitlin, Cort Wesley, D.W. Tepper, and, the angel of death, Colonel Paz make an awesome crime fighting team.

Happy reading!


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