Book Review: “Strong at the Break” by Jon Land

Genre:  Thriller

Rating: 4 WaterTowers

This is more than an ARC.  Jon sent me an email and asked if I wanted a PDF version of his upcoming book (June 21, 2011) now…..or wait for a paper version.  Since I have the Nook, I figured it was time to give the PDF a try (and besides, I wanted to read the latest Caitlin Strong book asap).  It worked!   For those who don’t know, I owe EVERYTHING I am doing now as a book reviewer to Jon Land.  I am sooo lucky to have met him (virtually only) and many other great authors (including the few special friends I have made…you know who you are).

“Strong at the Break” is the next in the Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger series.  I have been lucky enough to read the series from the beginning, and am already looking forward to the next book…come’on Jon…..get crackin!  🙂

Catlin Strong is the latest in a long line of Strong Texas Rangers.  Her grandfather, Earl, was a legend.  Her father, Jim, was a feared lawman, and Caitlin is, well, a “gunfighter”.

When Caitlin was a young girl of about 13, Jim had a tip that a particularly bad fellow (Church of the Redeemer founder, Maxwell Arno)and his son, Malcolm, were at the Bait and Tackle store.   Jim went there, with Caitlin, to arrest Maxwell.  Only problem was….Maxwell did not want to be arrested… he died in his sons arms.  This set into motion the events of “Strong at the Break” many years later.

Years Later

Caitlin is on a drug stakeout in Canada (as part of a drug task force).  The stakeout goes sour as the Hells Angels arrive and start taking out (ie killing) the occupants of the house.  Caitlin cannot stand by and watch, so the fighting begins.  At the end, the Canadian Mountie working with Caitlin is wounded and several Hells Angels are dead (2/3’rds of the LaChance brothers).

Caitlin heads back to Texas amid a firestorm of controversy (in other words she kicked ass, took no prisoners, and the Canadians are in shock).  Back home, she and Cort Wesley Masters are thrown into another firestorm with profound National Security implications. Interestingly, the person at the center of this problem is none other than Malcolm Arno (who has built an evil empire far surpassing his fathers) .

Ah….the wheels of fate are turning to put Caitlin and Malcolm face-to-face once again.

As “Strong at the Break” zooms forward, Caitlin, Cort Wesley, and Colonel Guillermo Paz (Angel de la Guardia from the last book) may be the only ones who can stop Arno.

Do they succeed?  You will have to wait until June 21, 2011 to find out!  🙂

“Strong at the Break” is a complex story.  Jon Land introduces several seemingly disparate plot lines that ultimately converge at the end (I had several “Ah…I see now” moments).  And just when you think you know what is going to happen, and think you know Caitlin, you are surprised.

“Strong at the Break” is a great read.  Smooth and fast.  The characters come alive off the page.  Clearly, Jon Land knows, and is very comfortable with, Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger…..gunfighter.

Update from Jon via Faceboook:

And don’t forget the big news that my first 13 long-out-of-print books have just been reissued as E-books by Open Road Media, including the first five in the Blaine McCracken series. You can check them out on Kindle at:

As slow as I read….I’d have to live to 230 to read all these….  🙂


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