Book Review: “The Escape Artist” by Brad Meltzer

Genre: Thriller

“Just because you’re not dead doesn’t mean you are alive”

A small military aircraft crashes in Alaska.  Among the passengers are the Librarian of Congress, three of his assistants, and Nola Brown, the Army’s Artist-in-Residence.

Nola had jumped from the plane before it hit the ground and was thus the first to be found and transferred to the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary.

Recognizing Nola’s name, Mortician Jim Zigarowski (Zig), takes her case.

20 years ago

Nola and Zig’s daughter were on a camp out when some idiot threw a can of soda into the campfire.  Knowing it might explode, Nola pushed Maggie aside saving her from major injury or possibly death when the can did explode. Nola, however, lost the top part of her ear.


Even though Maggie was saved that day, one year later she died, and Zig has both been grateful to Nola for giving him that last year with his daughter, and mourning Maggie.

He will do right by Nola.

But why are both of Nola’s ears intact?  And why are the three assistants to the Librarian of Congress using the same names as Harry Houdini’s assistants who died 80 years ago?  Did Houdini figure out how to come back from the dead? Is this really Nola?  Why are the people in charge covering things up?

To answer these questions, you will have to read the book.  🙂

“The Escape Artist” is a fantastic book filled with magic, history, intrigue, and insider information on one of this countries least known and most caring & needed facilities: the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary.

Brad Meltzer, who is one of my original favorite authors way before I started this blog (thus the lack of book reviews), kills it again. 😉


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