Category: off your boss

  • “Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

    “Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Paul spent his last week preparing for the rapture everyone said was coming. He quit his job, told his nagging ass wife to stuff it, picked up with a particularly attractive hooker, and drove to Yosemite to hang out until 6 PM PST May 21. He was ready. As he was walking a […]

  • “The OFF Button” by Mike Pihlman

    “The OFF Button” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Jake is a micro-biologist interested in discovering the frequency (some call it “resonance frequency”) of the human body for a Department of Defense project. A complicated task since the human body is a complicated machine. One day in the lab, Jake picked up the TV remote they had been using to control some […]

  • “Dead Red Wings” by Mike Pihlman

    “Dead Red Wings” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Recent news reports are telling us that thousands of birds have fallen from the sky….dead.  Thousands of fish are suffering the same fate. In the last few hours of 2010, the alien species in control of Earth made a few software changes. The birds and fish are victims of a bug in the […]

  • “Photo Shoot” by Mike Pihlman

    “Photo Shoot” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Everyone at the company was happy to receive their Christmas bonuses.  Everyone but Sergey, that is. It turns out that Sergey is not afraid to tell Boss that he was wrong.  He is not afraid to make product suggestions that others were too afraid to bring up.  Boss did not know it, but, […]

  • "Alarm System One" by Mike Pihlman

    "Alarm System One"  by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Tom is a dog lover.  He lives in a nice part of town which, unfortunately, has seen its share of burglaries in the past few years. Tom’s chihuahua is his primary alarm system.  Whenever anyone comes within 100 feet of his house, alarm system one is activated and the barking commences. One day, […]

  • "Approve or Disapprove" by Mike Pihlman

    "Approve or Disapprove" by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror XYZ Medical is proud of their customer service. In their offices, they give you a token which you can place in one of two boxes near the door:  Approve or Disapprove (of their service). Over the past 5 years, XYZ has had a 100% approval rating.  Astounding, considering the long lines, arrogant receptionists, […]

  • "Brilliant" by Mike Pihlman

    "Brilliant" by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror E-Gene is a 23 year old PhD microbiologist with a second PhD in computer viral programming. Working at National Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, E-Gene is well respected among his peers regularly presenting at conferences on his specialty: “Programmable Genetic Transmutation of Computer Viruses in Biological Brain Tissue”. Unfortunately, his Boss gives E-Gene […]

  • "Easy Button" by Mike Pihlman

    "Easy Button"  by Mike Pihlman

    Boss always wanted to take the easy way out.   Very lazy. Employees did all the work, while Boss took all the credit. One day, one of the employees brought in an “Easy Button”.  Boss thought it was cool, and promptly placed it in a prominent location in the office. One night, when all the […]

  • "The Quiet One" by Mike Pihlman

    "The Quiet One" by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Phil was always the quiet one.  When he was a kid, his Mom always told people he was smart as a whip, but, he never said a word. After Phil grew up, graduated from a prestigious university and went to work…he was still the quiet one. Taking Phil’s quietness for meekness, Boss relentlessly battered Phil. […]

  • "Cool New Flavor" by Mike Pihlman

    "Cool New Flavor" by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Joleen worked at the local cafe as a barista. Boss was constantly harassing his employees, especially the women. One day Boss came up with a contest.  He wanted a new flavor coffee that would set his Cafe apart from all the others.  As a prize for the winning flavor, Boss would take the […]