"Cool New Flavor" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror

Joleen worked at the local cafe as a barista.

Boss was constantly harassing his employees, especially the women.

One day Boss came up with a contest.  He wanted a new flavor coffee that would set his Cafe apart from all the others.  As a prize for the winning flavor, Boss would take the winner to a special dinner and give an extra $1000 in their paycheck.

The day of the tasting came.  Boss tasted several new flavors and was impressed, but, none of them knocked him dead.

Joleen was next.

Boss tasted.

Boss died.

The flavors listed on Joleen’s coffee were Caster Bean and Oleander.


Copyright May 20, 2010, Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction.


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