“Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror

Paul spent his last week preparing for the rapture everyone said was coming.

He quit his job, told his nagging ass wife to stuff it, picked up with a particularly attractive hooker, and drove to Yosemite to hang out until 6 PM PST May 21.

He was ready.

As he was walking a trail sometime close to 6 PM…he heard an odd sound.

A fluttering, then a loud screech.  What was left of his eyes spurted blood and he felt tearing of his flesh..the last thought he had was of the coming of the Rapture.

He was at peace.

He was also wrong…it was the coming of the Raptor.



Copyright May 22 (yes we are still around!), 2011 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, I think.

2 thoughts on ““Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

  1. Great story, Mike. From your opening sentence to your o-punning ending. Thanks for giving me a belly-laugh! Really. When you get a good collection of these things and you need to compile them into a book, let me know. (I know publishers in high places! … Denver, to be exact.)


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