Genre: Horror

Everyone at the company was happy to receive their Christmas bonuses.  Everyone but Sergey, that is.

It turns out that Sergey is not afraid to tell Boss that he was wrong.  He is not afraid to make product suggestions that others were too afraid to bring up.  Boss did not know it, but, Sergey was his best employee.

But, no bonus for Sergey, ostensibly because Boss was a narrow minded idiot.

Sergey was an avid photographer in his off time.  This year he purchased a brand new Russian 9 mm DSLR camera… of the line, and was about to take the group photo at work.

With everyone still in their cubicles, Sergey asked Boss if he could pose at the photo shoot location so he could take some light measurements and set the camera on the tripod correctly.

Boss was glad to do it, and stood there in his most arrogant way, until the bullet entered his head and splattered blood and brain material all over the snow in front of the building.

Boss just got his Christmas bonus from the 9 mm camera…Sergey walked away smiling.


Copyright Dec 22, 2010, Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, I think.

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