"Brilliant" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror

E-Gene is a 23 year old PhD microbiologist with a second PhD in computer viral programming.

Working at National Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, E-Gene is well respected among his peers regularly presenting at conferences on his specialty: “Programmable Genetic Transmutation of Computer Viruses in Biological Brain Tissue”.

Unfortunately, his Boss gives E-Gene zero credit for all his accomplishments and, even though E-Gene’s  progress reports are outstanding “E-Gene is brilliant, but….”, his raises average 1% or lower.

After two years of effort (more if you count the High School IB Biology project he completed his Senior year), E-Gene is on the verge of a discovery that could change the fields of medicine and pharmacology.  In fact, it will change the world.

He needs a test subject.

Boss loads the new program E-Gene gave him onto his 4 Gig USB memory stick and puts the USB in his pocket.

That night, Boss is having a nightmare.  He is falling into the depths of his computer’s memory.   As he falls, he sees the pictures he loaded from vacation, he sees the e-book he read last week, he sees his employees progress reports.  Suddenly, he stops at the report he wrote about E-Gene, recommending that E-Gene receive the lowest raise in the group.


Boss dies.

E-Gene has proven that a computer virus can be transported via USB to the human brain and, then, control it.

Ten years later, he is invited to Stockholm.  Brilliant indeed.


Copyright 7/19/2010 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction?


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