“Off-Your-Boss: Killer Chronicles” by Mike Pihlman

“Off-Your-Boss: Killer Chronicles” by Mike Pihlman


I am average.

An average engineer, albeit one with a master’s degree, an average husband, quite boring in fact,  and an average father.  A little shorter than average, a little heavier, but overall not someone you would notice in a crowd. Not someone who could write a great speech nor deliver it perfectly to a rapt audience.  Not someone who could write the next great novel, or dazzle the world with his intelligence.

Just an average guy, working to make it through life; who happens to be a killer for hire.

I was not born a killer. I was molded by life experiences and the people, mostly bosses, that I have met. In fact, everyone who thought that my (or us, my clients) average-ness was a sign of weakness, soon learned to regret the actions they took against me (or us, my clients) for their own pleasure, greed, or power.

Unlike some killers, I have feelings.  I tend to feel really badly about what I am about to do. But, then I remember what they did to me (or us, my clients).  Did they care how we felt?  No.  Did they enjoy inflicting pain on us? Yes. Did they get high on power? Yes. Did they realize, as they were being murdered, that maybe, just maybe, they should have acted differently to me (or us, my clients)?  Yes.

Feelings?  Maybe some, but, they got what they deserved.

Welcome to “Off-Your-Boss, Inc.”  

(to be continued)

Another in the “Off-Your-Boss” series of micro-horror stories. Copyright Sept 15, 2017 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman. The long version of “Off-Your-Boss” begins…..this is fiction…


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