Book Review: “Arctic Fire” by Stephen Frey

arctic fire


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Genre: Thriller

For the first time ever, I read two Stephen Frey books in a row.  He uses a lot of the same names…I never realized that before.  🙂

To his family and friends, Troy Jensen is a daredevil.  To the U.S. Govt, Troy Jensen is one of the top undercover operatives in a top secret organization called the Red Cell Seven.  His job is to protect the United States over all else.

Troy suspects his boss is insane and sets out to prove it and stop him.  Problem is….the boss stops him first by having him thrown overboard while working on a fishing boat off Alaska.

Enter Troy’s Wall Street (see, the old Stephen Frey is never far away) banker brother, Jack.  Jack wants to find out what really happened to Troy and finds loads of trouble the instant he starts his investigation.

“Arctic Fire” is a thrilling action adventure from word one to the last (somewhat confusing) sentence.  Frey has become more like George R.R. Martin in that no one is safe.  Not sure I like that, but, he is the author.


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