Book Review: “Kodiak Sky” by Stephen Frey


Genre: Thriller
3.5-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews(Red Cell Seven Under Attack)

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Red Cell Seven agent, Troy Jensen, is on a mission to kill drug cartel leader and terrorist, Daniel Gadanz.

The mission does not succeed as Gadanz escapes with the renewed emphasis on reeking havoc in the United States and destroying the Red Cell Seven, with particular emphasis on killing the President and Troy Jensen.

President Dorn has recovered from the assassination attempt in “Red Cell Seven” but despite his apparent support of the secret organization, he wants everyone associated with Red Cell Seven killed (over 200 people), and the documents that keep it operating legally under the radar in his possession.

Gadanz hires master assassin, Liam Sterling, to put together a team to do his dirty work. He will pay $300 million dollars to Liam if he is successful.

President Dorn hires master U.S. Gov’t assassin, Commander Skylar McCoy, to wipe out the entire Red Cell Seven contingent. But Skylar is concerned about Dorn’s true motives.

As the assassination teams converge, all hell breaks loose.

“Kodiak Sky” is the third book in the Red Cell Seven series. It is brutal and not everyone survives. Will it be the last?

Truthfully, I hope Frey gets back to his “normal” financial intrigue.



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