Book Review: “Red Cell Seven” by Stephen Frey


Genre:  Thriller

Note:  With this book review I will revert back to my old style of writing as much about the book as I want / need rather than limiting the reviews to less than 250 words.  So I will be more verbose!  Yea?

“Red Cell Seven” is the 2nd book in the “Red Cell Seven” series.  “Arctic Fire” (read my short review)   was the first book.  Truthfully, I suspect Mr. Frey wrote “Arctic Fire” as a stand-alone, then realized he needed (or wanted) to tie up all the loose ends with a second book.  🙂

RCS is a top secret special operations unit known only to a very select few, and run by even fewer true patriots whose mission is protect the interests of the United States above all else.

Most of the operatives are single since loved ones tend to weaken the resolve.  Troy Jensen is single but is now a Dad of a newborn infant.  His girlfriend is dead at the hand of a rouge RCS agent, Shane Maddux.  Troy is noticing a lack of resolve since Little Jack has come into this life, but, he needs to get over it.

In “Arctic Fire” the President was nearly assassinated.  Maddux was involved because his extreme patriotism (and loyalty to RCS, even though he has been excommunicated) because the President was trying to dis-mantle RCS.  And that would cause irreparable harm to the safety of the United States.

Near Christmas, 11 shopping malls around the USA were attacked by coordinated groups of terrorists.  Many citizens were killed and what followed were more attacks at schools, theaters.  the entire nation is on the way to economic ruin.  And, as it turns out, the RCS were interrogating the right person, they just were not able to complete the task before the attacks.

To see what happens you will just have to read the book, but, read “Arctic Fire” first so you know all the characters, even though some of them die horrible deaths.




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