Book Review: “Heaven’s Fury” by Stephen Frey

Genre:  Thriller

(Typical Frey fast and furious)

Bruner, Wisconsin Sheriff Paul Summers is at his last stop as a law enforcement officer.   Not because Paul is old, but, because he has been screwed over twice before (intentionally) and, like in baseball, three strikes and you are out.

Bruner, Wisconsin is a sleepy town where the locals and rich summer residents rarely communicate other than during their daily routines.  When Paul was 16 he was rowing his canoe when he came upon a beautiful girl (from the summer homes), Cindy…naked…in the river.  They became friends, lovers, and even years later after both were married, they hung out whenever the chance presented itself.

The local town folk think they are still lovers.

One day….Cindy was found in her summer home…..murdered.

Judging by the physical evidence, Cindy was murdered during a pagan-like ritual…her body had a pentagram carved on her forehead, she was nailed to the floor, naked, and her throat slit.

Rumor, for the past few months, had been circulating that a cult had taken up residence in Bruner.  Evidence has shown animal killings, but, people are scared now that the rumored cult has gone from killing animals to people.

Summers, since he was the last person to see Cindy alive (in fact they made love), becomes a suspect.  He needs to solve this case….fast.

More murders….and to top it off, nature is playing havoc with life in Bruner….snow is piling up making everything difficult.

What is going on?  Who is the murderer?  To find out….you will have to read “Heaven’s Fury”.  🙂

“Heaven’s Fury” is a very good Stephen Frey read.  If you have never read Frey, you are in for a treat.  His books (mostly dealing with the financial world) are super fast with the action coming at you from page one and only ending with the last word.  This book is a little different in that aspect, but, by only a few pages on each end.  🙂





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