Stephen Frey

Book Review: “Hell’s Gate” by Stephen Frey

hells gate


Genre:  Thriller

4.5-Watertowers(Typical Stephen Frey seat of your pants action)

High powered New York City litigation attorney, Hunter Lee, just kicked some major butt in Montana.  He won a huge award for several families in Fort Mason, Montana who were injured (or killed) in a derailment of rail cars carrying dangerous and deadly products.

Hunter’s brother, Strat, lives in Fort Mason and talks to Hunter about the unusually high number of forest fires taking place in Montana and, in fact, the entire Northwest.

Strat wants Hunter to move to Montana and help him get to the bottom of the forest fires.  Strat thinks arson.

Since Hunter is now free from his cheating wife…he decides to move.

“Hell’s Gate” is your typical Stephen Frey pedal to the metal roller-coaster thrill ride from page one to the very last word.

Read it!  But hold on to your hat….

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