Book Review: “The Last Oracle” by James Rollins

Genre: Thriller

398 AD

Delphi has been slowly falling into ruin, and Pythia, the last oracle, is perfectly willing to let it fade away.

A young girl has entered her life, a special young girl with gifts Pythia could only dream about.

The Romans are coming up the mountain to destroy Delphi, kill the girl, and Pythia. The girl has a vision of the future: A vision that shows the coming of a boy, like the Hebrew boy, that will be all powerful.

That boy is encased by flame.

Present Day

Walking to work in the basement of the Smithsonian Castle, Commander Gray Pierce of Sigma, is accosted by a homeless old man who gives him a coin then dies in his arms.

Turns out, that that man was the founder of Sigma and the coin shows the Delphi, a large epsilon (E), and a flower with petals around a center point.

What does this all mean?

Meanwhile, Russia is experimenting with autistic savant children who show special powers. The Russian doctors implant the children with electrodes in the brain that stimulate extrodinary brain function.

And a group is planning on using these children’s powers to take over the world.


Oh to see what happens you will have to read the book. 🙂

“The Last Oracle” is a see-saw thriller where the first 100 pages, and then again, the last 100 pages, are absolutely brilliant!

Unfortunately, the middle 300 or so pages are meh where the balance of violent confrontation vs moving the (very interesting) plot forward is way out of whack…..much like “Amazonia” where the book mark is stuck on page 360 of 595.

I love James Rollins, but, I am going to read a more recent book of his to see if the ratios are more in balance… it is, reading him is hit and miss: Brilliant or Tedious.

More James Rollins…..


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